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My son is currently obsessed with BioShock. Not the shooting people to bits part, but the story, the characters, the music, and the world depicted in the game. BioShock takes place in 1960, in an alternative reality in which a businessman named Andrew Ryan creates an underwater utopia called Rapture. The story line involves a substance called ADAM, genetic mutation, Big Daddies and Little Sisters, and it is indeed compelling.

For the most part, video  games usually offer one of these two scenarios: 1. fire at a moving target and destroy it or 2. navigate through some sort of obstacle course. There have been occasional video or computer games that offer more than interesting graphics and effects, such as Myst and Beyond Good and Evil. Now, according to CEO Aunim Hossain featured on Galley Cat, games are taking the BioShock route toward more complex content, and therefore they’re going to need writers to develop plot and character.

Although the fact that Ossain mentions Zynga threw me for a loop. Is Farmville going to feature, say, discontented cows and philosophizing farmers?

Meanwhile, I have been obsessively playing BubbleShock. It takes place in this amazing underwater world in which a boy named Aquatic must save the Seven Seas by firing against an onslaught of bubbles in order to retrieve the magic pearls.

Well, it’s actually called Aqua Pearls and involves this little blobby guy shooting at what I assume are bubbles.  But if the developers decide to bring in a writer to give this game more depth, I’m available.