Among the designers showing at Fashion Week were the latest contestants from Project Runway, all ready to strut their stuff to keep secret that not all of them were finalists.

Is it my imagination, or does this season have the most unappetizing cast ever? They seem to have especially turned against the show’s oldest competitor, Bert Keeter, age 57, with a truly survival-of-the-fittest, metaphorical teeth-baring action. In particular, the bullying Josh has dug his claws into poor Bert on several occasions. True, Bert mumbles under his breath, curses, and is a bit grumpy, but I have news for you, Josh: at his age you can get away with acting in such a way because you’ve earned your right to be a curmudgeon. Being a whiny bully when you’re young simply makes you a jerk.

The judges are just as guilty of age discrimination. They crow over designs that are “youthful,” “fresh,” and “modern,” and rip apart anything resembling something one’s “grandmother might wear,” that you could wear to play “bingo” or visit the “old folks’ home” in, or that simply make the model look older.

Now, I’m no fan of mutton dressed as lamb, but I’ve found older women have a fun and flair for fashion that blows the youngsters out of the pond. That’s because women d’un certain age tend to dress for themselves, not for men, employers, the public, or other women. Witness this photo I took of two gals at recent vintage clothing fair.

Over 50 (at least) and fabulous

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