The war between Google and Facebook isn’t over yet. After vanquishing Myspace, Friendster, and Google’s  ill-faring Orkut and Buzz, and not even letting Diaspora out of its corner to join the fray, Facebook is as firmly entrenched as the social networking site as Google is the de facto search engine. But Google isn’t down for the count—yet. Its latest attempt at outdoing the Facebook juggernaut is Google+.  While it will have a News Feed-ish feature, Google+ will also act as a sort of news aggregator with an eye toward encouraging users to share content with friends. In an earlier post, I discussed how to create groups on Facebook to keep friends, family, coworkers, employers et al. separate from one another.  Google+’s Circles feature handles this for you and gives you more control over how you share information.

Galley Cat weighed in on how Google+ can benefit authors and publishers.

I like Facebook. I have some wonderful Facebook friends. But it seems to me that interacting on Facebook somehow juvenilizes us, as though we morph into the college kids Facebook was originally created for. We LOL, ROFL, LMAO, WTF and FML and end every other sentence with an exclamation point or, worse, multiple punctuation and/or emoticons. Google+ strikes me as a Facebook for grown-ups and could be a welcome change of pace. If enough people decide to use it.